Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pun Library: The Horse Set

This contributor likes puns. Who doesn't? I know I do.

Here is a conversational piece that should serve as a handy list of puns that utilize 'The Horse Set' which include subtle hints of the 'Jangle Guitar Set'.

To contextualize, the pun-off started with the posting of this video (a version of The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses' by The Sundays, who were a seminal 80's jangle pop band.)

/ The Horse Set /

A punner - well jangle

B Punner - why the long face?

B punner -

B punner -

C punner - quit stallion and post more

B punner -

C punner - good good. Patti's voice sounds a little horse on that recording

B punner -

B punner -

C punner - that's a good un. The rest is just...


B punner -

C punner that's making me feel a bit unstable

B punner -

C punner there's a good version of that by Horse Andy

C punner -]

B punner -

C punner - that one's whinnieing so far

B punner -

C punner - good find. I bet you're paddocking yourself on the back.

(me neither)

C punner - don't be filly, it was terrible

B punner -

B punner - black horsecow

C punner - foalish suggestion

B punner - i cant find the burt bacharach one

B punner - anyway, tis a good one to end on. high time this thread was

B punner - put

B punner - out

B punner - to

B punner - ‎......pasture

C punner - it's been fun, how saddle be to see it end. Don't let the gait hit you on the way out. You canter ase any of this btw, it's all gold.

B punner - ill get off my high horse and give you my word: I wont delete.

B punner - and that's right from the horses mouth

C punner - good, it's best to handle these things with equineimity

B punner - indeed. one wouldnt want to be to hasty and put the cart before the horse, so to speak

C punner -yeah, you'll only stirrup alot of trouble in the long run

A punner - Hope you don't mind me chiming in but quit horsing around you two....

B punner - well, i dont know about that. i can lead a horse to water, but i cant make him drink

C punner - stop being so shellfish

C punner - shit, wrong pun set

B punner - doesnt matter. we're flogging a dead horse now anyway

C punner - that is the mane point to remember

A punner - Surely this has gone on furlong enough.

C punner - yeah i was quite saddled with work so needed something to stop me bridle-ing with anger. But hay, it's turned into quite a slip-shod affair now so we should stop the neighsaying and let this be a discussion halter.



Innocent horse-play really but useful all the same.

Stay mindful.

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