Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The following were found in an ancient tome and translated by witches with teeth as coal-black as a dying nuclear sun:

"look you stupid oaf! i have permission to dig here!". stupid oaf, cloaked in black, leaves. unameable horror unleashed on the norfolk coast.

homeless man sleeps by graves at night seeking solace; terrible whispers fortell a dream untold by mortal tounge

ukyio-e samurai cloud gate guardian motherfucker boss captain

land of jellies, slimes and oozes beset w/ glittering caves, quartz beaches and mountains of blackest obsidian

spectral forests. wind thru trees presents frightening Wagnerian chorus to unbelievers.

man stumbles upon mass grave and takes on the aspect of a vengeful wolf

bro discovers open tomb thru crack in time-forgotten polytechnic library wall whilst looking for book on business studies. forgotten treasure? or ill-protected den of nameless, tentacled fish god from seas last traveled in the 1500's?

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